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Commemorate Misha Collins' 100th episode
as Castiel with a special T-shirt design!

Plus, you'll help raise funds for Random Acts.

Misha 100 t-shirt

Out of the thousands of celebrities we've worked with in the past 46 years, Misha Collins is truly a stand-out. We knew how amazing he was the very first time he appeared on our stage at our Supernatural New Jersey 2009 show. Since then and numerous appearances later, Misha has continued to strengthen his very special connection with his fans, not only with his presence at our conventions, but also through his incredible work with his charity, Random Acts (who he spearheads with the wonderful and hard-working, Cinde Monsam). Misha has proven himself to be not only generous, but also thoughtful and caring and we proudly support Random Acts and its endeavors. Plus, a free Misha signed photo will go out to every 1 in 10 orders received. This includes previously placed orders since the start of the campaign.

This fan-art design is created by super talented Taylor Hardman and features Castiel's face made up of each of Misha's 100 episode titles. We fell in love with the design and know you will too! Best of all: by buying a t-shirt, you'll be helping to raise funds for Random Acts.

Visit and make this item your own. It will only be available for a limited time.


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